The money sent to my account has not reflected

My name is Ayodele ibitola, with account number 7064991172. Someone transferred 195k from his flutter wave account. The person has been debited. The transaction id is CF-BARTER-20201019061434641747. Please resolve this issue quickly. I need the money urgently.

Hi Ayodele,
We’ve currently update gomoney account numbers from phone numbers to NUBAN. Please update to the current version of gomoney to get yours.

To resolve failed transactions simply reach out to our support team by clicking the “Help” button in the app, select the “Chat with a human” option and share the following details.

  • gomoney account number
  • Phone number
  • Transaction ID ( a 30 digit number starting with 11,00, 01 0r 10)
  • Transaction Amount
  • Screenshot of transaction

We’ll resolve this as soon as possible once we get these details.

Good afternoon. I’m also having same issue of a payment that’s yet to reflect into my account. Account number is : 8500597232

Hey there!
Please follow the same steps mentioned above to have this resolved

Ok thank you very much

I have followed the instructions but it hasn’t been looked into. I send proofs Ref number I couldn’t find transactions pin. I sent amount for two days now no reply from go money. Pls the should have a phone number that we can reach them easier from.

I have followed your procedures and provided every necessary information. I was informed it will be resolved within 48 hours, it’s been 53 hours and I still don’t have my money. To also think that you guys pick and choose when to respond to complaints is derogatory in its own form.

It’s been a week to just have my money credited into my account. If you could provide this financial service, you shouldn’t have opened shop in the first place

I swear i have been waiting for the money to reflect but it is still empty. I swear once I receive that money I will send it back and delete go money. Because it has affected me as a student. :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:.

Hi Marvin,
We apologize for this experience.
Could you please contact your sender bank and request for the transaction ID? Once we received this, we’ll work on getting your funds across as soon as possible.

We understand that this experience isn’t ideal. Can you please confirm if you have been credited?