Strange transaction

Hello I need urgent help i don’t know how it happened I mistakenly sent 80,000 naira to the gomoney account which is not upgraded I need refund

Hi Yusuf.
You simply need to upgrade the gomoney account and you would be able to transfer out your funds.

So I can’t get money refunded back

Hi Yusuf,
We’re unable to refund a transaction which was initiated on your end and was successful.

Can you ask the owner of the gomoney account to upgrade their account and transfer the money back to you.

The person want to upgrade it but none of customer service have get in touch with him for help

Hi Yusuf!
Simply ask them to upgrade their app to the lates version of gomoney and re-upload their documents, if the “automatic upgrade” fails, they should select the “upload manually” button.

Automatic upgrade fail but he sent it to chat with human but still waiting for the reply they haven’t reply yet