Receiving money with card

Good day all.
is it possible to receive money directly to you Go money card and see it as part of your Go Money balance? or the card is just for payments?

Hi Trillion!
Your gomoney card is linked to your gomoney account. This means that your card balance is the same as your gomoney account balance. Your virtual card can be used on all online platforms i.e. shopping, service subscriptions, etc.

Hope this helps!

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I tried to link my card to a loan app but it was unsuccessful does this mean the virtual card has some restrictions ( tried in on 2 different app)

Hello Elijah,
gomoney cards work on all platforms that accept Naira “Debit” Mastercards.
If these apps fall into this category and you’re still experiencing these issues, please share a screenshot of the error message and I’ll be sure to look into this for you.