Pending transactions

I made a transfer to Gtb account and was debited but the person did not receive the money, I immediately made another transfer to my Gtb and I received the money . It’s about 7hours now and the first transaction has not been reversed or received. Please what is happening

I mistakenly send 13k three times instead of once and the recipient is yet to receive the neither i see alerts nor transactions history
I want my money to be received by the recipient or to be reverse to me, its now almost 24 hours and i don’t know where my money is

This same thing happed. To me I sent 500k and I got error and I was debited and it didn’t reflect in my history but I was debited it’s close to 10 days now… and there is no reversal… Please I want my money

Save the history or the transfer and message them they usually respond on time