Pending Transaction on my account

My name is Bashiru Yusuff
Pending transaction on my account

Transfered #50000 from my Stanbic bank account to my Gomoney account since 30/09/2021 around 11:59:31. Transaction was successful from my Stanbic, yet to received on my Gomoney.

transaction - session Id

Gomoney support not responding
Need my money to be credited.

i transferred 49891 naira from go money account to my kuda account i have not seen the money in my kuda account but what surprises me is the money was debited and its not showing on my transaction list it just dissapeared off my account, my cousin who works with efcc was so shocked too. if i dont get my money reversed by tomorrow i am coming to their office in marina on friday morning i need my money urgently


I have received my money, kindly contact there support via the app

Sometimes there are delays but generally within 10-20 mins you should get an alert check your data connection if it’s taking longer and call your bank first if it’s longer than 20’mins. If they acknowledge that it’s been sent then you’ll be able to contact go money to follow up on it. Times of the day also affect transactions as well

I send money of 223035 to uba account but unfortunately the payment was terminated with error code the beneficiary didn’t receive the payment and I was debited

Also no receipt to show as proof
Please help me deliver the money or reverse it

Please respond to me ASAP

Hello fxmanager .the same thing happened to me. I would like to know if you eventually got a reversal. Thanks

Hello inyass. The same happened to me. I would love to know if you eventually got the reversal. Thanks

Perhaps your internet connection dropped out or network issues because once it shows the category page transaction was successful they will deduct money only then. What phone are you using? Some apps may be buggy after updates raise it with customer care