Money not reflecting

Please you guys should not be unfortunate oo… I transfer a total of #5030 earlier today to my Gomoney account number 8500514053. I sent 2k at first then 3k later. None of it is reflecting in my account. Help me find my money oo

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Exactly what am facing now I sent 6000# it didn’t reflect then I sent 200# and it still didn’t reflect. It have given report but I have not been responded to. I no go lose that money ohhh na my last card i just wan save am for my Go Money now I de regret.

Hi Marvin,
We apologize for this experience. Has this issue been resolved?

Please the issue has not been resolved

I sent the sum of 90,000naira to my gomoney account and up to now I’m yet to receive it

Hey there :wave:t5:

We apologize for this experience.

To help us resolve this issue, please do the following:

  • Log into gomoney
  • Click on “Help”
  • Select “Chat with a human option.”

Send a message using this format:

Issue: “Failed Transfer”


Transaction Amount:

Transaction ID (30 digit number starting with 11,00,01 or 10):

Screenshot of transaction:

I’ve done that before but still no any improvement if there’s a way you can help me to speed up the issue at a faster rate
They don’t reply more often