I'm yet to receive the money sent to me

I was sent 29,000 from a zenith Bank account but it’s yet to be reflected in my account

Ojelade Oluwatobi


Hi, I’m a user like you there’s a slight delay in transfers sometimes depending on the time the transfer was made but most times it does credit you. Close the app and reopen to refresh and make sure your phone is connected to the Internet to receive notifications. Also make sure your account can receive that same amount

Oga the transfer wasn’t done from my app but from my friend’s so there hasn’t been any sign of any recent transactions on my account recently

Please ,how was it resolved ?. I have similar issue.
I have been expecting funds in my account for the past 6 days.
Up till now, i have not seen it.

Tell the sender to re-send

Ehen… When he has already sent it abi?
He should resend after he has been debited abi?
You try.

Notifications are push but texts are optional and for a fee so if you don’t have data at the time it might to come but as soon as your connected and login it will refresh it will when it rains or weather is a factor it does take longer.

Make sure all your documents are authentic

Then maybe the transfer wasn’t done. I’ve had instances where the internet had a dropped connection but as soon as I turned on mobile data the alert came in. You can also consider checking for updates on the AppStore

And you have the right Teir of service to receive that

Hello my name is Wuraola I am having similar issues. I transferred money from my sparkle account yesterday and i am yet to receive payment till now. This is the session ID


Hi transaction ID on the go money platform starts with 000 or 100 so in your case you have to go back to Sparkle and ask and follow up with go money customer care once confirmed that it has left sparkle.