Am yet to receive payment to my account

I have not received my money since Sunday this transaction was made my account Here is the details of the transfer I made through first bank transaction date:2021-08-16, Transaction type :Dr Account Number:3081930122 Amount:20000 Narration:FIB:MB:SMM/KENNIS NWOSU/FBNMOBILE: KENNIS NWOSU ACT

REF ID :000016010815073317000055956703.
Transaction ID:55956708
my account numuber is 8501154991 pll it’s been more 14days pls help me

Please provide them with the transaction id and also follow up with your bank they will assist you. Check if you’ve verified your details

Because of the amount please post the actual receipt

on Saturday ,4/12/2021 I made a withdrawal to my opay wallet and I have not receive money I provide they the transactionID they said they find nothing on that transaction id please help

Usually if you don’t see the credit and it doesn’t reverse the destination bank has issues take it up with customer care and also follow up with where you paid to