Account upgrade to tier 3

For more than I week I’ve uploaded my national ID for upgrade to tier 3. I once notified that the document will be reviewed in 48hours. Until nothing has been done about it. I’m not getting replies on my chats on the app.


I what too upgrade my account to tier 3

I upgrade my to my account

Even me too, and that just too unprofessiona

I also have same issue of upgrading my account, I have uploaded my documents and I still not get a reply back yet,it been 4 days now and I need my money in account very badly because is the money I have left and I read some many comment on here I’m very afraid maybe this app is scam.

I have 58 thousands in my account I need it to pay my house rent that’s the money I have left with me please I need a reply back

Your best option of reaching go money directly concerning upgrades is via email or chatting within the app. They will get back to you maybe sometimes not immediately but they will.

Gomoney is a scam app, i have cash there i can access, will never advise anybody to use this app

Have you upgraded your account. I have used go money for a year now and whenever I have issues they solve it. Make sure you stick to limits if you haven’t upgraded it will help. Always close and reopen app if issues or switch network off and on. Make sure you have enough data.